Friday, January 19, 2018

Fighting Meiling – 加油! 美玲 | 191 Episodes

Taiwan in the 1960s, by the 1980s, it started to build ten construction, when the economy began to take off. Economy, from agriculture into the industrial stage; the political experience of Sino-US diplomatic relations, the US military withdrawal station. This turbulent period, but especially the people of this land of hard work, blood, sweat, heat and light. "Come on Mei Ling!" Protagonist - Lin Meiling, is at this particular time, was born in a small little Keelung! Mei Ling, a girl three noes "no beauty", "no family background", "no money", no one knows distressed daughter, after 10 000 Sim, but never demoralized, as Taiwan often say a proverb "fight Yong Shougu upside down "! Mei Ling efforts up against fate. She may not have you I was lucky, but she tried; she probably did not you me rich, but her efforts; she probably did not you and I have one-thousandth, but she is still working! Step by step to move forward to the universe for exclusive achievements and her little little happiness ... Mei Ling grew up, just as Taiwan's economic take-off pulsation, perhaps, you have a home next door Mei Ling microcosm, or you just have a family indomitable Mei Ling? ! We hope by "Mei Ling" wake seemingly forgotten audience that's simple. At that time, we simply believe that power up; at that time, simply beautiful, with Mei Ling, a simple presentation.

  • Karen Ong

    Hi, are u able to fix <> ep 2 only has 18mins 🙁

  • cubeMaster

    Sorry, that’s a problem with the source. Unable to fix, we will try to see if there’s a new source available.

  • bfw

    Fighting Meiling – 加油! 美玲, start from ep115 no voice. Linkage wrong??

  • bfw

    Not able to download the video or see online Fighting Meiling – 加油! 美玲 after ep115

  • bfw

    Fighting Meiling – 加油! 美玲 , the video link is out after ep116