Sunday, April 22, 2018

Dragon Love – 人龍傳說 | 20 Episodes

Following ‘Journey To The West’ and ‘Dark Tales’, a romantic but afflictive legend ‘Dragon Love’ is brought to TV audience with the help of advanced digital technology. YU (YUEN KIT YING, FENNIE), an innocent, good-natured female dragon has trespassed on the human world in order to learn to create rain and clouds. Having disguised herself as a human, YU is much delighted to fool around. On the way she meets the honest charitable HEI (CHAN HO MAN, BENNY) and they fall for each other straight away. It is believed that anyone who is in love with a dragon will definitely be an object of a terrible curse. Sadly, it turns out true and though the whole world is going topsy-turvy out of their relationship described as most unnatural, they still reject to give up. CHU (CHIN KA LOK), HEI’s soulmate since childhood, is strong-minded, quick-tempered and is exceptionally proficient in martial arts. He regards dragons as the root of all evil and so commits himself to killing them throughout his life. One day, CHU goes uphill to capture dragons and there he encounters the stunningly beautiful PRINCESS CRESCENT (CHEUNG NICOLA). He soon gets infatuated with PRINCESS CRESCENT who, on the other hand, is madly attracted to HEI. How do they ultimately sort out their complex relationships with one another?