Sunday, April 22, 2018

Shades Of Darkness – 異度凶情 | 20 Episodes

Luo Xiang buys a winning Hong Kong Jockey Club sweepstakes ticket, and because of it is murdered, as is his family. His murderers are his neighbours who include Chen Tao who uses his share of the prize money to become a tycoon. Luo Xiang and his wife become hungry ghosts, unable to be reincarnated until they have avenged themselves. Over the years Luo Xiang's ghost and the ghost of his wife seeks out the murderers to eradicate them and their families. However, Xiang's son (Xiao-wei's cousin) has been reincarnated as Chen Jia-bo (Canti Lao) the son of Chen Tao. Luo Xiang and his wife managed to kill Chen Tao's mother while haunting Chen Jia-bo, who is unaware of his past life. Chen Tao is disturbed by the deaths and haunting that Luo Xiang and his wife causes such that he hires a ghost specialist, who is aware of the ghosts, to deal with them. Luo Xiang and his wife are banished and sealed away by a ceremonial dagger, which is buried in the site where Luo Xiang, his wife, and son were buried to prevent them from haunting and killing.