Friday, February 23, 2018

Sister Is Alive – 언니는 살아있다 | Episodes 68 (68 Sub)

Loss comes in many forms. Kang Ha Ri (Kim Joo Hyun) is a cheery young woman who works part-time at a stationary store and nail salon. Min Deul Re (Jang Seo Hee) was once a popular actress but her career is on the decline. Kim Eun Hyang (Oh Yoon Ah) worked as a secretary prior to giving birth to her daughter but now devotes her time to raising her daughter. On a tragic day, Ha Ri loses her brother in a car accident. Deul Re loses her beloved mother. Eun Hyang loses her precious daughter. These unrelated women are all devastated by their respective losses and find it difficult to carry on with their lives. When fate brings the three women into one another’s lives, can they help each other mend their broken hearts?