Saturday, March 24, 2018

Vampire Detective – 뱀파이어 탐정 | 12 Episodes (12 Sub)

What would you do after discovering something shocking about yourself? Yoon San (Lee Joon) is a former police detective who became a private investigator after being injured in the line of duty. With his partner, Yong Goo Hyung (Oh Jung Se), and employee Han Gyeo Wool (Lee Se Young), San finds himself in the most unusual, dangerous or comical situations as he carries out the requests of his clients. But when San makes the shocking discovery one day that he is a vampire, his entire world turns upside down. Can he continue to serve the needs of his clients while also trying to unravel the mystery of his own surreal dilemma? “Vampire Detective” is a 2016 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Ga Ram. The series is produced by Lee Seung Hoon, who also produced “Vampire Prosecutor” (2011-2012) and “Vampire Prosecutor 2” (2012-2013).