Saturday, March 24, 2018

Hide and Seek – 捉迷藏

Hide and Seek is a Chinese remake of a 2013 South Korean mystery film of the same English name. The film stars Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo as its lead and is directed by Liu He (who also helmed Young Style).

The original Korean Hide and Seek was an unexpected hit that earned USD $35.6 million with a budget of just over USD $2 million and a cast of relative unknowns. It centered around two families who, after discovering mysterious symbols in their houses, believe strangers are living amongst them.

China’s Hide and Seek looks to replicate the Korean film’s general plot, with Wallace Huo’s lead role as a successful businessman seemingly taken straight from the original. This is also yet another production of Village Roadshow Pictures Asia, the Greater China arm of the multinational Village Roadshow Pictures.