Monday, March 19, 2018

Wrong Way Driving – 逆路

police received the alarm call , the daughter of real estate Zhang Zhiguo Zhang Jingnan (Phoenix ornaments) was kidnapped. When police arrived Zhang Zhi countries Zhang Zhiguo said it was a mistake, said his daughter, and he quarreled fit of anger away from home, he could not find her daughter before the police, and later his daughter received a phone call that she and her classmates go travel. When the policeman asked to provide telephone to verify the situation of Zhang Jingnan, Zhang Zhiguo says now can not contact her daughter. Zhang Zhiguo answer to let the police had a suspect, the police sent Crime Unit Senior Sergeant Luo Zhichen (Wang Wei ornaments) covert investigations around Zhang Zhiguo and his daughter. At the same time in another city abandoned chemical plant, the police are busy crime scene, took place here just a bizarre case, a dog was shot and killed, why should a gun to kill dog? This seemingly ordinary gun-related cases have aroused suspicion sheriff Luo Zhichen, have anything to do two cases? Among the cases in-depth investigation, a criminal insider demolitions real estate development has been lifted.